International competition of "Litomericky Kalich"


Since 1992 Litomerice (CZ) hold the international competition in trampoline "Litomericky Kalich" (Litomerice´s Gobler or Cup). The competition is suitable especially for teenagers and younger competitors: they are divided into age groups - this enable to compare their performance within their coevals. Besides this everybody can compete both in a category of individuals and in a category of synchronized pairs  .  

The strong competition motivate the youth to practise hard for a longer time to be rewarded by some of various prizes in case of the success within their age group and by the  final evening "banquet" which is the last but not least moment of the enjoyable day.

To join the competition is the best possibility to uncover the beautiful town of Litomerice with its large historical city too - every visitor commemorate it for a long time after returning home.

The participation on the international competition "Litomericky Kalich" together with the historical royal town of Litomerice will be unforgettable experience for you too.

We are looking forward to you

The organizing committee 

Winners of the international competition "Litomericky Kalich" 


The house At Goblet/Under the Cupola (U Kalicha/ 

Pod Bání), the main square in Litomerice

The renaissance scenic "goblet" (in Czech "kalich") was built in the century by the Italian architect Ambrosio Balli .(The hypothetic relation to the goblet as a symbol of Hussites is not proved eyt). The goblet  is used as a lookout for visitors to overview the town and its  charming ambient countryside now.