A Short History of SK GT Litomerice (the Sport Club of Gymnastics and Trampoline in Litomerice), Czech Republic

The very first report about the club come from 1964: the dancing room of restaurant in Pokratice (today part of Litomerice town) was adapted into the gymnasium of TJ Sokol Pokratice (Sport Club of Sokol in Pokratice) in that year. The Club was founded by Jan Michalko, the trainer and the committee person, and its first representatives were V.Mareš, Z.Fejfar, A.Šorfová, I.Horáková and others. They were gymnasts of regional level.

1970 - it is the start point of trampoline sport in Czechoslovakia. The founder and the first trainer of trampoline sport in Litomerice district was B.Schmidt from Prague and Jan Michalko (the chairman and the trainer of the club.

Between 1970 and 1980 the sport level of competitors increased and D. Kauschitzová, V.Mareš and J.Štika gained the first medals from Czechoslovakia Championship. There were the others good representatives too: : V.Michalko, V.Vostrá, Z.Soběslavská, J. Nevečeřal, J.Vrabec, B.Schmidt and J.Michalko. In the girls and ladies categories there were: T.Tůmová, M.Vachtová, H.Králíková, p.Holfauerová, V.Bláhová and J.Waldhauserová too.

From 1980 the trampoline representatives from TJ Sokol Pokratice-Litoměřice belong to the best sportswomen and sportsmen in the region. The trampoline part of the Sport Club of TJ Sokol Pokratice-Litoměřice arranged between 1980 and 1990 several international competitions in trampoline (so called MZP international competitions) and belongs to the best trampoline clubs in the Czechoslovakia.

From 1990 to 1995, thank to the chief trainer V. Michalko (the son of J. Michalko), the trampolinists from Litomerice are among the best trampolinists of Czechoslovakia and they belonged to the Czech representation team too. Especially J. Štefaniková, L. Honzáková, M. Růžičková, J. Drholcová, D.Waldhauserová and P.Hamplová won many Czechoslovak (later Czech) Championship medals and they succeed in international competitions and Championships too.

In 1995 the trampoline club became the independent subject by the law. Besides the trampoline training started also the training of the girl gymnastics (regional level) headed by Pavlina Svobodova,   .

A great adaptation of the gymnasium roof happened between 1996 and 1998 (because of the low ceiling) and therefor the training possibilities of excellent trampoline competitors increased very much. The club accepted a new name too: Sportovni klub gymnastiky a trampolin Litomerice (the Sport Club of Gymnastics and Trampoline in  Litomerice).

Competitors Lenka Honzáková, Libuše Pilzová and Iva Bubeníková became members of the representation team of the Czech Republic after 2000. Especially Lenka Honzáková has been the best Czech representant for many yearsand her rich sport life culminated by the participation on the Olympic Games in Peking 2010.

Since 2008 Mrs and Mr Michalko, the pair of trainers, has focused on preparation of the new youg generation that has competed successfully both on domestic and international scene: Frivolten Cup 2010 (Sweden) 3rd place Kristýna Ulbrichtová.

We would like to tell THANK YOU to all the trampoline friends and the frieds of SK GT Litomerice for their help and supporting us!!!

 Rozmital p. T., 1983
Cvikov 5.12.1986
 Litomerice 1986 
Praha 7.5.1988
Litomerice 11.9.1988
 Litomerice, 1998