Vitezslav Michalko, born 1965, in the past the trainer of the junior and senior Czech Republic representant team. He is the chief Litomerice's club trainer for more than 15 years.

The sport results of his wards on the European and World competitions rate him to the best trainers in the Czech Republic. In 1995 he become the assistant of the  Czech representation team's  trainer. In 1996 he become the trainer of the Slovak Republic representation and finally in 1999 the trainer of the Czech Republic representation team.  




Lenka Honzakova, born  1978, the Czech Republic representant

The student of the University in Usti nad Labem (CZ) won six times the Czech Republic Championship of individuals and four times the Czech Republic Championship of  synchronized pairs. Lenka is together with Petra Vachnikova the winner of the Youth European Championships 1994 in the synchronized pairs competition.

She is the very first (and the only one till today) finalist of the World Championship in the category of individuals from the Czech Republic: in 1996 she finished on the 9th place at the World Championship in Vancouver, Canada. Here she was the 5th in the competition of synchronized pars (with Petra Vachnikova). In the same year she obtained the 7th place at the Youth European Championship (St. Peterbourg, Russia) as individual and the 4th place with Magdalena Ruzickova as synchronized pair. At the European Championship in 1998 (Dessau, Germany) she achieved the 10th place as individual and the 5th place with Petra Vachnikova as pair. She was again the 5th with Petra Vachnikova at the EM 2000 (Netherlands) and the same place she secured at the 2002 EM (St. Peterbourg, Russia) with Libuse Pilzova. 

There are very precious places in the World Cup competitions for Lenka too: in the individual competition she was the 6th in France, the 7th in Denmark (both 1998). In the final World Cup competition of 1998-1999 series  she achieved the 9th place. There are much more successful results in the synchronized competitions:  Lenka and Petra Vachnikova were the 2nd on World Cup in Ostrava (Czech Republic,1996), the 2nd on the WC in Sydney (Australia, 1997), the 3rd in Auckland (New Zealand, 1997). In the final World Cup of 1996-1997 series the girls secured the 4th place. In two years later they were the 6th in the final World Cup of series 1998-1999. There are the 4th place from the WC in Great Britain (2000) and the 3rd place from the WC in Prague (2003).

The synchronized pair Lenka Honzakaova-Petra Vachnikova (Jurickova) is the best pair in the Czech trampoline history. Lenka belongs historically among the best Czech representatives.



Libuše Pilzova, born 1984 the Czech Republic representant

She won the Youth Czech Republic Championship two times (2000, 2001). In 2000 and 2002 she achieved the silver medals in the Czech Cup series. She was the 3rd in the senior Czech Republic Championship in 2002 and 2003. 

There are more successes in the competitions of synchronized pairs: she is the Youth Czech Republic Champion 1999 with Dominika Waldhauserova. The girls were silver on the senior Czech Republic Championship 2000. Libuse together with Veronika Svobodova were the 3rd on the senior Czech Republic Championship 2001 and Libuse achieved  the same place together with Petra Jurickova (Vachnikova) in 2002. In 2003 Libuse secured the 2nd place with Zuzana Havelkova. Libuse and Petra Jurickova (Vachnikova) won the Czech Cup 2002 and they were the best in the international competition of Nissen Cup 2002 (Switzerland). 

She started at the Youth European Championship 2000 (Netherland) and at the European Championship 2002 (Russia) where Libuse with Lenka Honzakova achieved the unforgettable 5th place. Libuse secured the silver medal on the international competition of  Olympic Hopeful in Poland (1999).